I’m a writer and actress in the Chicago area, a co-founder of Underscore Theatre Company and cowriter of “pr0ne, a Casting Couch Musical Comedy,” “Spa Fire: Children of the One Percent,” “Liberal Arts: The Musical!,” and “Grind: The (coffee shop, comic book) Musical,” which toured with the Midwest Fringe Tour during the summer of 2010. I think a lot–some would say too much–and like to tell stories about my life and other peoples’ lives. That’s what I’m working on here.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi
    I’ve nominated you for the kreativeblogger award. If you’re not interested then don’t go to my about page, download the picture and follow the blurb. I love your doppel post.

  2. Laura Stratford

    Hello Ms. Laura:

    Came across your brilliant blog as I Googled myself. I’ve worked in the legal arena long enough to make me quite paranoid that someone will assume my identity, etc et al.

    I am a Stratford by marriage so quite unlikely that you are part of my fam tree. Love your blog!!!

    • Hi doppelgänger! It’s exciting to “meet” (even online) another LS; for a long time I was the only one even on Facebook. Thanks for reading and for saying hi!

      • Laura Stratford

        Hello, Laura Stratford…it’s your “doppelganger” follower….gosh, luv that word! Just perusing to see if you had any interesting FaceBook bloggings re: deactivation due to annoying friends without boundaries/narcissism/passive-aggressive postings, etc. I’ve just pulled the trigger (deactivated)….already feel a huge sense of independence….and i was only an occasional FB’r. What is your current take? Hope all is well. I do greatly admire your writing abilities!

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