2013: A (Personal) Space Odyssey


Now, even though it *is* a Tuesday, this is not to say that the hiatus is over. I did mention that I would sporadically update, and since we all arbitrarily choose December 31st as our time to reflect on the past 365 days, I thought I’d update on The Year Of No Asking Out.

I made it, you guys! I didn’t ask anyone out for one year. Okay, so at one point I did ask a mutual friend about a person (as in, whether or not that person were seeing anyone) and that friend decided to put together a group hangout so I could get to know said person, but I didn’t ask for any of that to happen and so I count my perfect record.

So what did not asking anyone out mean for me this year?

Well, I didn’t really date this year, with that one exception. I got asked out two or three times, not counting the Polish man who asked for my number at the Jefferson Park Blue Line as I tried to go home for Christmas. But I wouldn’t say that my not-really-dating had anything to do with my not being the one to make the first move. The fact is, I had other stuff going on this year. A world-premiere musical to put on. A family reunion. A torrid love affair with Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider. I learned that it can be fun to have crushes and not try to force anything to come from them. I rediscovered how much I love having a space that is entirely mine and a schedule that I control.

When it comes down to it, 2013 was about falling in love with the life I have at this moment, and in that it was a huge success. I am incredibly, ridiculously, fabulously lucky, and I’m aware of it every single day. It hasn’t all been easy, and I’ve had to make some major changes, but it’s all been for the good.

Thank you to everyone reading, even those couple of random people I don’t know, for your support. There’s a lot to read out there on the Internet, and yet for some inexplicable reason you chose to waste at least two minutes of your life reading this. I really do appreciate it. I hope you all have something to grasp on to for the new year–either a nice memory from 2013 or the hope of something better to come soon.

Enjoy the next year, and if you don’t want to commit to a year, enjoy the next 54 days, because after that, it might be Ragnarok.


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