It’s a Live-In

All right, universe. Here’s the deal.

I need a place to live by myself for the first time. I’m excited about this, and I want you to help me out here. As a Single Lady ™ I would like a place that is safe and not too far from my Underscore North Siders (screw you, Alex).

I can live without a dishwasher. I can live with a couple of cosmetic imperfections. I’d like some light in the main room and laundry in the building. I’d like to be able to afford it and to not have to walk too far in the winter to get to a train or bus.

I’m willing to paint and I’m willing to cheer the place up a little. The bedroom does not need to be huge. I just want–

(cue music)

A Room of My Own!

Well, more than one room. Since I’m looking for a one bedroom and not a studio and I reallt don’t feel like sleeping in the same room I take a shower.

Universe, I am willing to compromise here. I don’t think I’m making too many demands.

Can you help a woman out?

Hugs and Sparkles,

I’d Rather Not Be Homeless


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