Another Year

It’s crept up on me this time–usually April Fool’s Day sparks off the birthday countdown, and as some of my friends could tell you, I tend to bring it up…


…often. Until the day itself only comes.

But hey, 26 isn’t a landmark age, and perhaps I’m mellowing out as I get older (my coworkers might not agree; I’ve been called “energetic” twice in the past week, and I’m not sure it was entirely positive). What’s more, when I look at my life and try to seriously evaluate what I want or what I’m missing, I’m honestly coming up blank.

So what do I want from my birthday on Monday, or the afternoon party on Sunday? I’ll tell you.

I want to laugh often and sincerely. I want to see people I love. I want to sing a song and dance a little crazy, and I want it to be warm outside so we can play beanbags. I want to eat something delicious and have a glass of good wine. I want to feel rested and relaxed. I want to do something I don’t usually have a chance to do.

That about sums it up.

Presents? Books are nice, but I have a library card. Music is nice, but I have Spotify and a decent income. New clothes are nice, but I already do this monthly program where they send you new outfits every other week and you don’t even have to wash them, just send them back. I spent the past year getting rid of stuff–all of the stuff that made my move miserable. I really don’t need any more.

This week, an early birthday present came: Underscore won $2000 worth of musical equipment in a contest. Honestly, nothing could make me happier at this point than the continued development of my company. We’re really doing it. We’re getting sponsorships, we’re booking talented actors and musicians, we’re expanding the scope of our organization. I am actually, truly, living the dream. I could not be more grateful for this.

I also just received what is probably the sweetest birthday card I’ve ever gotten, from my Delhi team at ye olde day job. One of the many signatures says, “Happy birthday to the most beautiful person on the Earth.” I am honestly stunned, on a daily basis, by the kindness and excitement and the joy of the people I have the privilege of working with and getting to know. I don’t know what else to say. You guys make every day a happy day for me.

So on this, my nearly-natal day, I just want to say “thank you” to the people in my life. To the people who read what I rant about and muse about on this blog. To the people who hang out with me in real life, to the people who work with me and to the people I know and have known. It’s almost unfair to be as lucky a human being as I am, but you know, I’ll take it. I love you all, and I’m so much looking forward to Year 26 of my life.

As my dad says, “It’s divisible by 13, and about how many years can you say that?!”


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