No Way, No Play

Hey there everybody! I have something new for you.

Remember that time* when I got really mad at the sexist behavior of some jerk who was completely unapologetic and just laughed at the way I felt? Remember how I really wished I could get my point across in a way that would motivate said dude to change the way he acts?

Well, finally I decided (with some encouragement from Twitter and my friend Gita) to do something about it.

So, I present to you, the latest and greatest Tumblr you didn’t know you needed:

This is an idea I’ve heard from several places, one of them my favorite podcast, Throwing Shade (visit here). It would be fantastic if people who treat other people badly spontaneously decided to stop and to learn more about how to considerately interact with the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that often, at least not until that person reaches a road block to something that actually matters to them.

I hate to perpetuate the stereotype that all guys care about is physical intimacy, but there’s a definite correlation between guys who at least vocalize and boast about conquests or muse aloud about the sex lives of the women they see and the kind of guys who, frankly, could use a good kick in the pants until they learn their manners.

I also hate to make it seem like this is something women need to police and be gatekeepers of, but at the same time, do you want to be dating (or just hooking up with) someone who thinks it’s not a big deal to be crappy towards women?

So the idea is that this will be a site where people can tell their war stories without judgment, to the best degree I can manage. Submissions are posted anonymously but an email address is required to send one, because I’m not ready to open the door to the trolls.

Will it be the next Yo, Is This Racist?  I doubt it. Will it go viral? Almost certainly not. But if it can help a couple more ladies feel supported in walking away from people who don’t treat them or others the way they deserve, or even just feel validated for having done so, that’s good enough for me.

I talk enough on the Internet. I want to hear your stories.

So…got anything to submit?



*There have been many times


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