Faith in Future

Whazzap, literate folks.

I read something pretty heart-warming today that makes me feel better about the future. This is it:

“When My 8-Year-Old Gay Son Taught His Class About Harvey Milk”

This kind of thing makes my interior dialogue (because interior monologues are for boring people) about gay marriage much more fun. About a year ago, my interior dialogue about marriage equality went something like this:

ME 1: Hey, marriage equality is making headway!

ME 2: Yeah, but don’t underestimate the people who are really vehemently against it. You know, the homophobes.

ME 1: I know, but I bet it will be like interracial marriage. Our kids won’t even understand why people had a problem with it, because it seems like such a no-brainer in civil rights.

ME 2: I would love if that were the case, but I’m afraid to be too optimistic. We’ll have to fight for some time still. Bigoted people still raise bigoted children, after all.


Now this conversation goes a little more like this:

ME 1: Hey, marriage equality is making headway!

ME 2: I KNOW RIGHT! Illinois is getting so close!

ME 1: Did you see that adorable article?

ME 2: I totally did, kids are amazing. When I was in second grade I didn’t even know what “gay” was! My fourth grade teacher was named “Mrs. Gay” and I didn’t know what everyone thought was so funny until I was in middle school!

ME 1: Are you still worried about horrible people?

ME 2: Well, yeah, they’ll always be there, but I’m really hopeful for the next generation. It’s not like bigotry is just going away–there are still people who hate interracial marriage and there’s all kinds of institutionalized racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and ableism in the world, but at least kids understand the difference between “fair” and “unfair.” And if they’re thinking in those terms about touchy subjects like sexual orientation at age 8, there’s a pretty high likelihood that they’ll grow up to be allies to every minority.

ME 1: You’re so eloquent.

ME 2: Aww, what? Staaahp, you’re making me blush. I just love talking to you about this kind of stuff.

ME 1: Shut up, that’s exactly how I feel.

ME 2: Don’t even joke with me about this.


…and it kind of deteriorates from there.

So let’s end on a positive note today. Kids can be mean, or, as I mentioned in an earlier entry, creepy, but they can also be really freaking cool. You go, second-graders who enjoyed learning about Harvey Milk! Go talk to other kids about how dumb homophobia is.

I promise you’ll all grow up to be president.


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