Skinner’s Snow Globe

Here’s a fun experiment:

Take a person with an anxiety disorder. Put her in a glass box in the middle of a city, 45 minutes in good weather from where she lives. Start a huge snowstorm so that she can hardly see 100 feet in front of her. Give her an impenetrable and highly important assignment, intimate that she may be sent home soon (so the project might not get finished but her worries about getting home will be assuaged), throw in some sugar and a lot of caffeine and WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.





*I am fine and this building has plenty of food, soda, and thankfully, alcohol (for medicinal purposes, think Saint Bernards); there’s at least one couch here in case we get stranded, and I sit close to the kitchen where it is so I have pretty decent odds of claiming it. Also there’s like every season of “The Wire” sitting on my boss’s desk.


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