Taking Over the Internet, One Roommate at a Time

Friends, Romans, Internet users! Lend me your wits!

Today is Harrison’s birthday. Harrison has somehow managed to live with me for five and a half months without causing a rampage that triggers the next Great Chicago Fire. That’s pretty impressive. Almost…shall we say…manly of him?

So help me, and the rest of the Internet, celebrate the 26th Manniversary of Harrison’s Birth. Let’s make the Manly (Monopoly Man?) Harrison meme the top of the QuickMeme charts today!


Tiny Harrison Meme!

How to:

1. Go to this link.

2. Click “Add Your Own Caption”

3. Figure out how to work from there


Send me your best ones, post them on Harrison’s wall if you know him, or just keep them on QuickMeme for us to find when we browse all the Manly Harrisons!

Let’s blow up the internet with some masculine class–if not for Harrison, then to celebrate the return of “Archer” tonight.

But seriously, happy birthday, roomie.



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