Why I Am Rocky Horror (And So Can You): PARTIE UN

Come gather round, children, it’s Auntie Laura’s Magic Story Hour.

Once upon a time, the whole world was a little bit duller than it is today. Colors were not as bright. Food was not as delicious. And kissing was merely “okay.”

And then–then one day, all of this changed.

A visionary young man was born to a pair of sheep farmers in New Zealand. Well, at the time everyone thought that the child was male. Actually ze was a third sex, one that no one else had ever been nor every would be.

This child was named Richard O’Brien, and ze would change the world.

As a little Richard (good golly!), the child loved science fiction movies. They were a way to escape from (oh I hate this pronoun game, I’m just going to do “his” because I don’t even know what Richard O’Brien does in these cases since Richard O’Brien claims to be something no one else is or will be) his life of chores on the sheep farm. When he watched science fiction double features, he noticed that the world seemed to sparkle and shine and he could feel sensations more acutely than ever before.

This young hum–er, person, moved to England to join the bohemian scene as soon as he could. And then, one day, he had an idea: He would write a play about his love of science fiction and B horror movies. Not only a play: A musical!

Thus, “The Rocky Horror Show” entered the world.

June 19th, 1973 was the day the world would never forget. For the first time, audiences met Brad and Janet, Riff Raff and Magenta, Columbia and–of course–Doctor Frank’n’furter. Their minds figuratively exploded with light and color and sensation and possibility! Their bodies ached to give themselves over to absolute pleasure! Virus-like, the desire grew, and transmitted itself, and soon, there were hundreds, nay, thousands, of Wild and Untamed Things.

Fast forward to a few years before this date. Let’s say summer of 2004. A young woman in Massachusetts gathers her friends into a minivan. They are headed to Harvard Square for their first time.

They are about to lose their Rocky Virginity.



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