I Think You Can In Europe

In the last month I have!

-Spent 6-7 hours a day on weekends (every weekend) commuting to Morton Arboretum and leading audiences for two miles through “The Tempest”

-Interviewed for a new job

-Gotten a new job

-Put in notice at old job

-Finished old job

-Started new job/training/madness

-Had some good and private personal life developments

-Formatted and attended “Rocky Horror” meetings

-Kept our administrative ball rolling at Underscore

-Attended “Rocky Horror” rehearsals

-Smudged my room so that potential bad juju leaves me alone

-Done laundry a total of two times

-Not cleaned my apartment

-Been in the most dramatic tire blowout I’ve ever seen


I am a little crazed right now. For the most part, it is a good crazed. For the most part. But this is just to explain why, when you ask me if I can do a favor for you tomorrow, the reaction is most likely to be a doglike bark of laughter and a disappearance you thought only stage magicians could pull off.

Sunday is my day of rest. Until then, it’s full speed ahead, trucking through. See you on the other side–as long as these fool tires hold up.


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