Hair Today

Well folks.

I’ve completed my challenge: a month without shampoo.

So, you ask, has my world changed radically? Do people shy away from the miasma of me when I walk down the hall? Do I look like Venus being born from the surf?

My answer: Ehh, it’s fine.

The first couple of weeks had some rough days, as Alex was kind enough to remind me. Luckily, it was also in the 90s, degree-wise, so wearing my hair up was the only way to go anyway.

It was really interesting to me to feel the oil (sebum?) reach lower and lower in my hair. I have very fine hair, and it gave my hair a little more heft. Made it a bit more likely to stay when I put it somewhere. And after a little while, it wasn’t gross oil, it was just…hair protection. Around two weeks in, I started having some good hair days.

Honestly, what I missed most was the rich lather you can work up with shampoo. You don’t get that with a spray bottle full of baking soda and water. I also have a pathological hatred of split ends, and I couldn’t help but think that without that lather, I was making my hair more prone to splitting.

But all in all, I didn’t notice a huge difference, and more importantly, neither did anyone else. So I’m going to go back on shampoo for awhile (because I still have a bunch), but once I’m done, I may go back to the baking-soda and vinegar route. It’s cheap, easy, and requires a lot less plastic being thrown into recycling bins.

Next experiment: One month with a live-in butler. I just have to figure out how to convince Harrison to do it.


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