Let Me Tell You!

It’s one week until “Liberal Arts: The Musical!” hits the Chicago stage!

In celebration, here’s some Easter Eggs a little bit early, and minus any chocolate or runny pink dye.

(and get tickets at liberalartsthemusical.com)


-Co-writer and director Alex was a biology major in college

-Co-writer and producer Laura wrote the song “Deconstruction Patter” in one afternoon on spring break

-Originally entitled “Math Major: The Musical!,” the show expanded its horizons when all math puns were used up in a single song

-In the workshop production there was a lesbian relationship between the President of the college and one character’s mother

-“Unlovable” is Laura’s mother’s favorite song and also the song that young women most often approach Laura to talk about

-There is at least one never-before-heard song in this production and it involves treadmills

-Audience members with a command of Latin, German, or Italian will find themselves especially equipped to catch some jokes

-There is a STOMP! number set in a dorm room

-The workshop production was not sponsored by Apple but should have been, based on the number of Apple products in use

-The role of Brandon was initially based off of real friend and later co-writer and assistant director Brendan, who was then cast in the role to the confusion of everyone

-The current production has a Sam who plays Brandon, a Brendan who ADs, and an Andi who plays Sam. Still to the confusion of everyone

-Several song lines had to be amended when the writers realized that it sounded like characters were saying they were going to kill themselves, leading Laura to come up with an elaborate outline for “Liberal Arts: The Suicide Musical” in which only one character survives

-There is at least one person on Google who actually spells her name “Sydny” without an “e”

-One scene is based on the concept of French farce

-One song is based on the song stylings of Gilbert and Sullivan

-In the workshop production there was a very popular “Facebook Rap” which became outdated almost instantly

-At least one company member was an actual RA in college

-Yours truly originated the role of President Dean, now much more capably fulfilled by the fabulous Sierra, and for the entire end of her senior year of college had to perform the “Deconstruction Patter” at all English department events and submit the lyrics to the English department upon graduation

-Harrison, who plays Kevin, was running Underscore’s first day of auditions when he asked in a spare moment if he could audition. He did not rap “Forgot About Dre” although he threatened to

-The places our main characters are from include Big Big City, East Coast Township, West Coast Big City, and Quaint College Town

Wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Check out the show and see!


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