I was going to post thoughtfully about running a workshop with an esteemed Indian director last night and thoughts about creativity and the coming together of cultures.


My eyes swelled up today from some mysterious event or allergy (quite possibly just the application of moisturizer to the eyelids) and I spent my morning looking like a cross between the Elephant Man and an elephant seal.

No, you do not get pictures, because the internet does not forget. Anyway, the swelling is down and I’m considering the possibility of leaving my apartment to vote for judicial candidates I know nothing about. Just remember, kids:

Don’t moisturize your eyelids.

I wish I could tell you what to do instead when they’re dry, but OBVIOUSLY I don’t know.


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  1. Put olive oil around your eyes. Moisturizer is basically just oil mixed with water (and, if you’re buying most commercial brands, a shit ton of chemicals). Olive oil has vitamin e which is good for dark circles! And obviously still try to avoid getting it in your eyes, but if you do it’s just olive oil, so it won’t sting thaaat long. (Also, since it’s straight oil, you don’t need a lot, or it’ll get greasy!)

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