Walk With Me

Here’s what inevitably happens in the lead-up to one of these blog posts.

Monday: “Oh, tomorrow I should update my blog. Man this great thing I’ve been thinking about all day would be perfect for an entry, I really want to work out my thoughts on this topic and share this story. Maybe I should write it now! But I don’t really have time…okay, I’ll do it tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll remember everything I wanted to talk about.

Tuesday: “Crap, I need to post something for the blog. Not that it matters, other than being a point of pride with me. What was that thing–I KNOW there was something all deep that I wanted to talk about. Uuuuum…it’s gone. Okay I guess UFOs will have to do.”

*writes short, bizarre post about UFOs*

Wednesday: “THAT’S what I wanted to write about! Great, now I’ve had some time to think it over and I can write about that on Thursday. You can make up for that UFO debacle.”

Thursday: “…all I got is ducks.”

Someday, Fearless Readers, you will get better than ducks. But sadly, that day is not today.


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