I owe you guys a serious post about how sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough to help those suffering in the world, how sometimes I think that I’m being selfish for pursuing art and maintaining a capitalism-glorifying day job, and how unfair the economic situation of the world we now live in can be.

I was going to write one but then I started working on Rocky Horror ticket reservations and my thinking-writing-being-passionate train pulled into some backwater station where it’s sitting to have a nice long breather and oil its wheels.

Here’s some random bits of news: My parents arrive in town on Thursday, the show technically opens on Thursday, my friend Lizzy is moving right down the street from me, the post office decided that I didn’t live where I live for about a month and then decided that I do after all, and I’ve challenged my dad to race me with NaNoWriMo except I’m cheating because I’m going to try to finish something I already have 25,000 words of.

Oh, and Eddie Izzard is fabulous, but you knew that.


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