Things written on my left hand in the last few days:



-Log $


Number of days before open dress rehearsals of Rocky open: 10

Number of posters I printed while a dude glared at me for taking forever at the printer: 30

Number of band members who remind the cast of cats: 4

Number of free weekend evenings in the month of October: 0

Number of Las Vegas themed shot glasses at my desk at work: 1

Number of new markets I have: 2

Number of times I moved my desk this week: 1

Number of “desk-warming” parties I threw in the last week: 1

Number of “I Went To Laura’s Desk-Warming Party” Post-It Note stickers I gave out: 7

Number of Christmas catalogs I have already seen: 1

Number of M&Ms I ate yesterday: Uncountable

Number of Twixes I won in a middle-name-guessing contest yesterday: 1 (2 if you count both bars that come in the package)

Number of apples being bartered as strange currency between our cast members: 3 (2 giant, 1 tiny)

Number of roommates who passed the bar and now have the WASPiest names in existence: 1

Number of Trader Joe’s frozen meals I will consume this week: At LEAST 6

Being able to sum a week’s situation up in an annoying numerical list: Priceless


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