Sorry, sorry, I know I’m late. But there’s someone here I can introduce you to in order to make up for it!

Dearest readers, please meet Harrison, alumnus of the Berkshire Theatre Festival acting apprenticeship with me, current houseguest, and Chicago’s newest resident!

H: I’m not in the room yet.

L: I know you’re not, but you’re about to be, how long does it take you to bring things up from your car anyway?

H: Stop judging me.

L: Wait here you come!

(Harrison enters with bags)

H: Thank God my parents gave me a luggage set for graduation. Can I put some things in the refrigerator?

L: Yeah, sure! So I’m late on my blog post today and I decided to do an interview with you.

H: Oh, perfect! I am so, so excited.

L: Will you say to the people in Chicago?

H: Hello, Chicago! You’re my kind of town. That’s a song, look it up.

L: So Harrison, (I’m typing what I’m saying, sorry for the delay,) what are your hopes for your first week in Chicago?

H: Hm. To start off with, I hope to find a place to live. That’s the first thing. Of course, it would be nice if it were affordable and close to public transportation, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers, so we’ll just see what kind of hand destiny gives me. I have some options lined up, and by some I mean maaaaybe three at most. But I will continue to pursue any reasonable option as far as makes sense.

L: I think you’ll find something.

H: Let’s hope so.

L: What are you hoping to find about the theatre scene here?

H: I’m hoping to find a..hm. I’m hoping to find a supportive environment in which to further my study and develop as an actor. One of the things I’ve always been insecure about, especially in recent years, is about my technique and my insufficiency in what I want to do with the rest of my life. I’ve gotten by on a knack, an ability to make it up and make it look like I know what I’m doing. I want to get to a point where I know I know what I’m doing. I also want to stretch myself, to try kinds of theatre I haven’t done before, and to find a community of artistic people who are like-minded so I’m not artistically isolated.

L: Boxers or briefs?

H: Boxers. And boxer-briefs. I left the brief world behind by the time I was 14, I think.

L: If you had a phrase to describe how you hope your Giordano’s pizza experience tonight will be, what would you say?

H: Food-gasm.

L: I think we can promise that.

H: I know that to be the case, given my experience with Girodano’s.

L: Thank you for coming on the Laura Show!*

*I did not say this.



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